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Scribnotes is a note-taking web application where students can efficiently take notes, access them, and compartmentalize them into appropriate courses, academic terms, and schools.


Throughout my undergraduate career I was exposed to a panoply of different note-taking applications, the two I found myself using most frequently being Google Docs and Notability. Google docs, though powerful in the capabilities of its rich text editor, doesn't offer an ease with which to organize saved notes into an intuitive structure. Notability on the other hand equips the user with intense flexibility in regards to note-taking style, however I wanted to add an extra layer to organization insofar as giving the user the ability to organize not just their notes but also courses, academic terms, year, and school. Additionally, though people can just as easily attain a high degree of organization via nested directories on their desktop, I wanted something that was more dynamic; and so I created Scribnotes.


  • Take notes on a feature-heavy rich text editor and organize them into an intuitive structure.
  • Efficiently access your notes by entering its title in the searchbar.
  • Ability set your current academic term to list all of your current courses on the side-menu for quick-access.
  • Access and interact with Scribnotes's web-browsable API from the dashboard.

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Benjamin (Benji) Van Nguyen —